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We have owned our brand, name and domain for some years, so decided 2012 was the perfect time to learn how to create Logo's, Art, using CS6 and Weebly/DivTag, and share a Website with you on 1st January 2013! Our intent is to share with you more than we've been able to share theses past years simply teaching hands-on or via Social Media, despite our dedication to our cause!

We are learning as we create, experiencing frustration to elation, and becoming ever more expansive because of this process - and we thought Horses were the single most exhilarating experience a person could have, graphic design, photography and website design have become our latest pleasures! 

Our joy, the energy that sustains us as we spend many hours aside from our herd and our homes, comes from the good-feelings this creative process inspires. We already speak for horses, we connect with horses and people in great numbers, and see changes, improvements, every day. A website will facilitate much more, and this negates the need for sleep! 

We will publish more pages as they are created. For now some basics, and we have our Facebook Pageemail and mobile phone for you to make contact if we have not yet published what you seek. 

In Appreciation,

Jayne, Anita & our brilliant team!

P.S. Friends, 

As well as living my dreams, I have been enjoying learning and creating with photography and design, these past few months. Tuning-in to my artistic nature which has been stifled for many years. I've produced the image that is now our Website background (photo; Alex of Houndstooth Studio), logo and brand, for my life's work, and would appreciate you sharing with your friends - An experiment; I know there are many who don't know we exist, but would love what we do. They need not own a horse, be a rider. The Heart of Horsemanship is more than that. 

We are CREATING A BETTER WORLD FOR HORSES & HUMANS. We love what we do. It is sweeter still, when shared.


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