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On waking, feeling the cool temperature, I was compelled to get up and enjoy Heartland and Jaynes Herd, knowing we are likely to get another intensely hot day, after 9. 

BachCedarWhiskey & Presence all tended, their roses (I began to tend the roses because the herd adore eating them, and now I love the roses for many more reasons than their nutrition!) drew me in. I knew I would enjoy weeding and edging the garden, because the sky began to drop water. Not quite rain, but promising, nurturing, and the climate is perfect at 6am! 

Two hours later, I have completed a row started by Megan and I last week. Our progress is slow. Couch is difficult, roses are vicious company when gardening, and anyway, we spend the majority of our time with horses and humans, not landscaping.

It doesn't matter. The task is meditative. The task gives appreciation to the garden, a place that gives us beauty and food. I may spend several hours tending the garden over summer - early mornings, of course! The veg patch needs attention. Our Aloe Vera has been neglected. When I tend to our garden, starting with our soil, I love the inhabitants of Heartland, and I love myself. 


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    Written by Jayne Lavender

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