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Tendon troubles represent inflexibility. The Ulna positively reflects sharing what you know, what you do, with others. Our intent is to share, to give time to others and gain knowledge. 

Today's ultrasound clearly shows my tendon is torn. 

The inflexibility I experienced regarding my desire to share - a clash with some thoughts, beliefs that are valueless, happened weeks ago. Had I been aware then, I would have avoided this tear. I have no recollection of an incident which caused this injury, simply growing awareness through pain of some concern. 

The experiences I am having without the use of my arm are amazing, however! Each moment I pause to reconsider how to achieve a task is presence. Each day my weaker left arm becomes more competent. I ask for help without shame, and accept assistance graciously, less-practiced traits I posses!

All this growth, whilst my tendon heals, my path to my desire is recalibrated, my ability to appreciate what another version of me would judge "painful disaster" AND fine-tuning my reception to more subtle signs. 

I love playing in this Universe! 

1/15/2013 01:29:03 pm

14th January 2013

Tear to common extensor tendon (near elbow) is giving me a lot less difficulty today!

Actions I have taken to heal;

Seek the origins of the weakness - my thoughts. I have opinions about work, opinions about physicality, beliefs about both, and regularly mistreat my body via work.
Seek medical advice - GP; referral (which I then insisted on an appointment immediately when I was offered one in several weeks time).
Ultrasound revealed a tear. Doctor advised steroid injection. I scrutinised the statistics before accepting.
Advice to immobilise arm for greatest benefit - I endured a sling and happily practiced becoming ambidextrous!
Accepted my fate.
Appreciated assistance, advice AND even the injury.
Became accustomed to protecting right arm and not mistreating the left!
After several days resting the arm, starting to reuse sympathetically today, with awareness of what causes pain and avoidance of unnecessary strain.

My sling is off. My arm is pain-free (unless strained) and I have new, better habits!

I have loved this experience! Not so much the MasterCard... LOL!



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