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There is nothing I can type here about Whiskey that conveys the feelings he inspires, the appreciation I have for his presence in my life, for everything about him. Instead I pause, look back at him and FEEL the entire universe - all knowledge, every particle. 

Whiskey was born 17 years ago, this date, but we got the present!
We write much about Whiskey, for he inspires anyone who meets him. We write much on behalf of Whiskey, because he UNDERSTANDS YOU. 

Whiskey is amongst the greatest teachers of our time, the others are under 3 years old or like he, they have fur! 

Hold yourself in Whiskey's gaze for a few moments. While you pause, FEEL wisdom. FEEL his UNDERSTANDING. FEEL his unconditional love for YOU. APPRECIATE Whiskey for his gift to you this moment, his gift to our herd, our project, our co-creators, society, humanity and The Universe. 

No different from all our Animal Teachers. YOUR Animal Teacher.


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    Written by Jayne Lavender

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