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"Incredibly amazing and magical morning at the beach this morning. Billy became a seahorse, embraced the ocean. I set him free in the water and he chose to stay with me. Can't stop smiling! Magical is the best way to explain what we felt this morning." Jessie-Leigh

This is the moment Whiskey recognised Billy as a fellow Sea-Horse. Today we met at our favourite beach with Horses Pudding & Billy, and their partners Katy & Jessie-Leigh, and realised our dreams.


1/6/2013 08:48:22 pm

"The event that we experienced such magic at this morning is being repeated every Wednesday throughout January. I couldn't recommend it more. I have been to the beach with Billy many times before but have never experienced such joy, peace and magic as we did today." Jessie-Leigh

1/6/2013 08:58:10 pm

Just wanted to share something special that happened as part of our wonderful experience at "Seahorses" with Jayne Lavender. I discovered a very important belief that is not really very useful to me any more. It has something to do with believing that it is better to just appear calm and together on the surface despite internal turmoil than it is to be honest and let that turmoil come out. Billy and I are both masters at this. We are great at looking so calm and composed even when there is a storm inside.

There can be benefits to this. We don't have to appear vulnerable. We don't have to deal with things in public. We don't have to weigh others down. On the surface it seems easier to just hide it until it goes away. But I am now realising just how much the costs outweigh the benefits. It is isolating, it inhibits progress, and it is all-round unenjoyable.

However, I will have a challenge ahead of me. It is hard to "give up" that cool, calm, collected image to enable honesty of both Billy and myself. But without doing this we are not acting with integrity; we are not acting with our whole heart.
And of course, self worth comes into it. Am I worthy of Billy's best? Am I worthy of his honesty? His whole heart?

Well, my new belief is that I am worthy of these things, and he is also worthy of my honesty, and my whole-heartedness. I aim to act with integrity, with honesty, with my whole heart. And I expect Billy to do the same. Even if that means asking more, expecting more, and accepting that sometimes he will leave, to encourage his honesty.

1/9/2013 06:47:19 am

Still getting much joy from replaying moments of Wednesdays "Seahorse" experience. :D magical. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities that I have always dreamed about but have not been sure that they will ever be possible. Now I know it is. It will happen.


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