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My latest published effort with my Xmas-present Canon. I'm learning more each shoot (I've still 3 shoots to view once more, watermark and share, so I hope to have improved with each since the date these were shot, 23rd December at THIS EVENT). 

My photographic subjects are learning with our herd and I - to communicate across a species barrier, to play and be safe. I know horses better than anyone, and as a horse interpreter, I know which captured moments are valuable from the point of view of representing the animal, the personality and spirit rather than "looks." This enables me to have a great time with horses, turn them into awesome models, so to speak, for their "photoshoot". It has made me rather indifferent to the thousands of professional photo's of horses that pass in front of my eyes. Technically beautiful - troubled and suffering subject...

Obviously there is a lot of action, movement, and changeable light in my teaching environment, but I'm getting the feel for focus now, having lined my red light up on the horses' eye the first shoot after I even realised I could choose the red light, rather than rely on the dozen or so variables the camera offers! Of course as the subject moved I got great detail of his ear - now in the former position of the eye! I line the dot up where the eye is likely to be by the time I press the shutter now! 

Sunshine and clouds are coaxing more awareness out of me, and after spending MANY hours editing friends photo's with horizons on incline, or the subject not central or cut inappropriately in some way (I'm use Microsoft Office to cut and rotate - CS6 intimidates me!). I am now much more particular to frame the scene, the camera settings, for a good shot, hopefully NOT requiring edit. Editing is SOOO tedious! 

Once again, I type MY disclaimer - The moment is exciting to me, I want to capture the moment and enhance the lesson with words, so some of my photo's are far from perfect, technically, but beautiful to me.

Thanks for browsing! XJ

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    Written by Jayne Lavender

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