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To ensure the lovely Alex Cearns, Pincipal Photographer at Houndstooth Studio, Animal-adorer and our friend, took a break from behind the camera and could play with us, experience us at our finest, we met at our favourite beach between Christmas and New Year. Pip the pup was unwell, so both Debora Brown and their pup could not come, however we captured as much of the joy as we could, to share with Deb, and remind Alex of her time with Bach and Whiskey. Amateur shots, shared here on Facebook, but capturing the magic as Bach taught Alex how to speak horse more clearly each passing moment (We love sharing "Horse" with Alex, and if Alex were able, we'd spend a lot more time together!). Whiskey simply appreciated being in the company of even more humans who admire and love animals.

1/6/2013 10:15:52 pm

Disclaimer! The cloud was temperamental this morning, 28th December, AND we we're definitely NOT going to ask Alex about photography - hints and tips, on her morning off!

As editor and watermark-wench, I can say that cutting these moments gave me appreciation for getting the horizon level when taking the photograph, and I will be obsessively checking ISO in future, in inconsistent light! Around 8 hours browsing, selecting favourites, cutting, watermarking and uploading.

Having been a part of the moments, the desire to see the images, the enthusiasm to show the moments in the best possible way, and the excitement of sharing with like-minded people, makes 8 hours seem like nothing at all... XJ


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