Weebly Templates
Like thunder, the sound that penetrates all thought, all action, and alerts me to focus - galloping horses! 

I leapt from my bed to look in the direction of the herd thunder, to see Whiskey animated, breathtaking, cantering around a tree. Mane swirling like waves, tail held high, neck arched as he gestured towards his rival - Adonis. Adonis cantered after Whiskey determined. They stopped and turned to kick out at each other, or rear and lock forelegs, several times. I could see Bach with Cedar under the tree, unconcerned but watchful. 

Energy flew out from the playing horses like heat from a fire. I thought, "I guess the cool change, fresh grass, has inspired them to play," but then I saw Bach walk to Adonis, to reprimand him. Just a touch with his nose, yet the presence of a Master. Adonis swiftly grasped the fly veil Bach wore, ripped it from his head and dropped it from his teeth like it was on fire! Bach drove Adonis away, Whiskey joined Bach for some stillness. 

Then I saw Adonis walk to Cedar, and mount her, but dismount moments later, frustrated. Always about sex! Whiskey believes he is Lancelot to Cedars' Guinevere. Bach is Arthur, absent. Adonis believes he is Bachs' heir. Whiskey will continue to guard Cedar from Adonis, until Bach returns for a while. 

Who needs movies! 

And Presence? Grazing on the fringes, uninterested in the drama. This time... XJ

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    Written by Jayne Lavender

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