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At The Heart of Horsemanship, we know that you are motivated in the same way! 

You believe you will FEEL BETTER than you currently feel, if you choose... the next choice you were about to make!

It does not matter if you are misguided. It does not matter if the choice you make results in bad feelings. IF YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR INTENT IS TO FEEL GOOD, YOU ARE EMPOWERED! 

Now you know that like Presence in this moment, you want to FEEL GOOD, you can glance around you with the gaze of appreciation, and YOU WILL SEE SOMETHING THAT INVOKES GOOD FEELINGS! 

When you FEEL GOOD, decisions become easier to make. Choices simpler. You increase the percentage of time you spend FEELING GOOD, and of course decrease the time spent feeling "Off." 

If the thought of FEELING GOOD invokes a voice - your protective ego (incidentally; absent in Horses) which reminds you that you may not be entitled to FEEL GOOD. You haven't worked hard enough to FEEL GOOD. Who are you to FEEL GOOD while others DON'T! Or even, I'm hesitant to reach for GOOD FEELINGS because I'm familiar with mediocre, I'm afraid to FEEL disappointed. OR, you simply FEEL GOOD by FEELING "at odds" with the flow the herd are drawn toward. We're here to tell you, from OUR HERD AND YOURS - Now you know that you can FEEL GOOD more often, that YOUR HEART seeks GOOD FEELINGS. That horses seek GOOD FEELINGS - anytime you feel "off" YOU MADE A CHOICE. FEELING "OFF" separates you from the herd.  

We love and appreciate you for exploring your feelings. We are explorers too. 
Join us, Join OUR HERD, Join with Horses. 


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    Written by Jayne Lavender

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