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Today has been my Birthday "Eve" - yes, just like Christmas, I count the days either side as significant too! 

I decided a long time ago that my Birthday would be a day "off", during which I would do whatever I wanted, but different from the "whatever I usually want that actually means Horsemanship!"

Over the years since I made this decision I have basked privately with my filly in the sea, admired Quokkas on Rottnest Island, had my first motorbike lesson, ate atop a revolving skyscraper - many January 15ths feeling good and creating memories.

I think today has been my best ever Birthday Eve! An early start, surrounded by amazing, creative, bright people I also name "friends." The herd, who we video'd and I watched the footage this evening, imparted pages more insights and inspirations! I fell in love with them from a new viewpoint (not just the GoPro perspective, LOL *inside joke, you had to be there*) as if my love for them is not already enormous! The healing of my injury. Chiro. Pizza & chocolate mousse. Getting things DONE that FEEL GOOD to achieve, AND an awesome basket from Anita as an early gift. I love it! Lovit!

I could continue working well into this night, but reminded myself, no work tomorrow. Pause now and sleep well for adventure! B has me booked on the Australind train at 7.30am... 

Everyone deserves to feel as appreciative as I. Start rattling off your list.

Happy Birthday Me!

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    Written by Jayne Lavender

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