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There is nothing I can type here about Whiskey that conveys the feelings he inspires, the appreciation I have for his presence in my life, for everything about him. Instead I pause, look back at him and FEEL the entire universe - all knowledge, every particle. 

Whiskey was born 17 years ago, this date, but we got the present!
We write much about Whiskey, for he inspires anyone who meets him. We write much on behalf of Whiskey, because he UNDERSTANDS YOU. 

Whiskey is amongst the greatest teachers of our time, the others are under 3 years old or like he, they have fur! 

Hold yourself in Whiskey's gaze for a few moments. While you pause, FEEL wisdom. FEEL his UNDERSTANDING. FEEL his unconditional love for YOU. APPRECIATE Whiskey for his gift to you this moment, his gift to our herd, our project, our co-creators, society, humanity and The Universe. 

No different from all our Animal Teachers. YOUR Animal Teacher.


I've just been reminded that today I have become the answer to life, the Universe and EVERYTHING! Thank you Douglas Adams

42... XJ
Today has been my Birthday "Eve" - yes, just like Christmas, I count the days either side as significant too! 

I decided a long time ago that my Birthday would be a day "off", during which I would do whatever I wanted, but different from the "whatever I usually want that actually means Horsemanship!"

Over the years since I made this decision I have basked privately with my filly in the sea, admired Quokkas on Rottnest Island, had my first motorbike lesson, ate atop a revolving skyscraper - many January 15ths feeling good and creating memories.

I think today has been my best ever Birthday Eve! An early start, surrounded by amazing, creative, bright people I also name "friends." The herd, who we video'd and I watched the footage this evening, imparted pages more insights and inspirations! I fell in love with them from a new viewpoint (not just the GoPro perspective, LOL *inside joke, you had to be there*) as if my love for them is not already enormous! The healing of my injury. Chiro. Pizza & chocolate mousse. Getting things DONE that FEEL GOOD to achieve, AND an awesome basket from Anita as an early gift. I love it! Lovit!

I could continue working well into this night, but reminded myself, no work tomorrow. Pause now and sleep well for adventure! B has me booked on the Australind train at 7.30am... 

Everyone deserves to feel as appreciative as I. Start rattling off your list.

Happy Birthday Me!
Every minute or so a drop of rain lands on my skin, while I tend Jaynes Herd. It is the perfect temperature. The Ravens are crowing loudly. It FEELS like rain is about to fall. Patience. I already know I'm going to love it when I see and hear it. I already feel appreciative and relieved that rain is looming. Patience... XJ
Your horse, your pet, your child, may never talk, but together we all speak the language of emotion.

Our shared way of communicating is deeper, more sophisticated, more intimate, more satisfying and more meaningful than any other langauage! 


‎643 images taken January 2nd, browsed all afternoon! 

Most inspired thoughts that are wonderful to share - for the receptive, until a selection of 248 are favourited, to crop and watermark. 

248... Most lovely. All will be appreciated by the people that shared the experiences we captured, with their horses. Most will leap out at someone, somewhere, currently asking the very question the moment has answered. All they need are some accompanying words that flow easily through my typing fingers. 

They deserve my full attention, which they can't have now, I've been working since 5am. I shall to bed and rectify this heavy-lidded state... 


Tendon troubles represent inflexibility. The Ulna positively reflects sharing what you know, what you do, with others. Our intent is to share, to give time to others and gain knowledge. 

Today's ultrasound clearly shows my tendon is torn. 

The inflexibility I experienced regarding my desire to share - a clash with some thoughts, beliefs that are valueless, happened weeks ago. Had I been aware then, I would have avoided this tear. I have no recollection of an incident which caused this injury, simply growing awareness through pain of some concern. 

The experiences I am having without the use of my arm are amazing, however! Each moment I pause to reconsider how to achieve a task is presence. Each day my weaker left arm becomes more competent. I ask for help without shame, and accept assistance graciously, less-practiced traits I posses!

All this growth, whilst my tendon heals, my path to my desire is recalibrated, my ability to appreciate what another version of me would judge "painful disaster" AND fine-tuning my reception to more subtle signs. 

I love playing in this Universe! 

I recently read some advice that to deepen one's understanding of oneself, to write to yourself with your non-dominant hand. 

Several weeks of persistent pain, I have surrendered the use of my right, dominant arm in order to heal. 

I am now aware how weak and lacking in coordination I am without it. I haven't yet injured anyone with my shopping trolley, but it's quite a way to the car! Small children watch me eat my muffin, frustrated. Everything takes longer. I have time to observe myself throughout each action. 

Yep. Getting to know thyself... 

To ensure the lovely Alex Cearns, Pincipal Photographer at Houndstooth Studio, Animal-adorer and our friend, took a break from behind the camera and could play with us, experience us at our finest, we met at our favourite beach between Christmas and New Year. Pip the pup was unwell, so both Debora Brown and their pup could not come, however we captured as much of the joy as we could, to share with Deb, and remind Alex of her time with Bach and Whiskey. Amateur shots, shared here on Facebook, but capturing the magic as Bach taught Alex how to speak horse more clearly each passing moment (We love sharing "Horse" with Alex, and if Alex were able, we'd spend a lot more time together!). Whiskey simply appreciated being in the company of even more humans who admire and love animals.

"If this were July in Serpentine, the storm raging outside my window would likely cause me to think wistfully of summer and a little tired at the thought of another day in harsh conditions for the herd, the wildlife. 

Several weeks of extreme heat. Several weeks watching the vegetation struggle, of daylight from 4am and taking the opportunity to work from that time because it's just too hot during "business hours," has given me a wonderful new perspective on the grey swirling conditions. 



    Written by Jayne Lavender

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